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Supporting Ontario Made Products

Updated: May 31

In March, the entire world went into complete lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19. Employers were forced to adapt to a new working environment by having staff work from home, students and parents had to adapt to the new norm of being homeschooled, and many non-essential businesses were forced to shut their doors for an unprecedented period of time. Many small businesses struggled to survive the global pandemic and as result had to close their doors indefinitely.

In effort to avoid further closure of small Ontario businesses, the province of Ontario has recently launched a program that is aimed to help small Ontario businesses survive as we continue to get a hold on COVID-19. The launch of this new program comes as Ontario attempts to restart the economy after months of closure caused by the global pandemic.

The "Ontario Made" program was introduced by Premier Doug Ford and is aimed to help Ontario residents better identify products made in the province of Ontario with the use of an "Ontario Made" logo. This initiative will provide $500,000 in funding for the campaign and the funds will come from the $50 million Ontario Together Fund. The purpose of this program is that the "Ontario Made" logo can be used by manufacturers so consumers can easily identify that the product is made in Ontario. As developed by the Canadian Manufactures & Exporters, Premier Doug Ford indicates that the organization will work closely with Ontario retailers in effort to promote the program in retail stores and make it visible to consumers. In addition, the program will include an online portal that will aim to connect consumers and manufacturers of products that are made in Ontario.

Support Ontario Made: What They Stand For

The goal is to raise awareness of the Ontario Made initiative to help consumers increase the purchase of Ontario Made products. It is a free program for manufacturers based in Ontario. They offer a digital branded logo that can be used by retailers as part of marketing initiatives and distribution of products or goods.

How to Contribute:

  • Look for the Ontario Made logo when you buy

  • Share Ontario Made through your social media

  • Check their website regularly for new listings before you buy

  • Ask retailers you frequent to show the logo and promote Ontario Made

  • If you know of Ontario manufacturers encourage them to use the logo

How to Raise Awareness:

  • Manufacturers: Work to build a listing of what is Ontario Made, provide the digital Ontario Made logo, and encourage participation throughout the province

  • Consumers: Developing a consumer-focused website to help them find Ontario Made products, and launching a social media campaign to highlight and promote Ontario Made goods

  • Retailers: Raising awareness of the program and encourage participation and promotion of Ontario Made products

How to Get Involved:

  • Use the logo in store, on websites, and through other promotional materials on goods that have been qualified as Ontario Made

  • Where possible create in-store set-aside areas for Ontario Made goods

  • Use this website to identify local manufacturers of Ontario Made goods and sell those products

Froese Law is your ally for success. We are here to assist Ontario businesses get set up with an "Ontario Made" logo as part of our government funding stream. Contact us today!

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