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Froese Law partners with ISM Arts & Culture to Accelerate Canada’s Innovation Ecosystem

Updated: Apr 17

Froese Law is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with ISM Arts & Culture.

Combining Froese Law’s legal and grant funding expertise with ISM’s expansive incubator network and creative vision, this partnership will help Canada’s most innovative companies access government grant funding and legal support to scale their business and achieve exponential impact. 

This partnership is so well aligned because while ISM loves using our creativity to help clients build projects in their innovative stages of development or growth, Froese Law has a unique way of tapping into funding that is designed for those stages. An added value is that they also offer business structure and intellectual property support that is often needed throughout the process of building innovations. And while we use arts and culture as a bridge between the creative and business sectors, what's even more exciting is that Froese also has experience in the creative industries that inspire our services.” - Scott Mallory, Founder, ISM Arts & Culture 

Froese Law is an award-winning branding, corporate, commercial and intellectual property law firm that supports Canada’s creative industries by bridging the gap between Bay Street and the creative world. Froese Law is dedicated to structuring your business, negotiating your contracts and protecting, enforcing and commercializing your brand and intellectual property. 

Serving early-stage start-ups to mature organizations innovating internally, ISM Arts & Culture leverages the creativity of arts & culture to launch and support game-changing initiatives that pursue knowledge production, meaning, innovation and impact. ISM Arts & Culture specializes in end-to-end product and organizational development, and houses one of Canada's designated business incubators to support international startups to launch in Canada. 

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