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An award-winning cross-border branding, corporate and commercial law firm dedicated to structuring your business and protecting, enforcing and commercializing your brand

  • Commercial Agreements
  • Copyright Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Licensing
  • Marketing & Advertising Law
  • Social Media Law
  • Start-up & Government Grants
  • Trademarks Law

About Us

Froese Law is an award-winning cross-border branding, corporate and commercial law firm  dedicated to structuring your business and protecting, enforcing and commercializing your brand.  We work with you to create the most effective legal framework for your business to penetrate the marketplace.

We secure your intellectual property assets, protect your competitive advantage, structure your business,  manage your third-party relationships, finesse your branding, negotiate your commercial agreements and source government grant funding to ensure that your business is ready for success in both Canada and the U.S.  

Whether you are a new brand launching in Canada or the U.S., an established brand going global or an international brand entering the Canadian or U.S. marketplace, Froese Law ensures that you are protected. 

Froese Law directly provides cross-border legal services between Canada and the U.S. and also manages legal issues that fall outside of North America through our network of foreign lawyers.

Froese Law adopts a fresh and pragmatic approach to providing legal services.  Our priority is to help you get the job done in a business-savvy manner, while maintaining exceptional legal skills and professionalism.  We tailor our services to your needs, taking into consideration the specific nuances of your industry and your business objective.

Our home is Toronto.  Our reach is global.

What we stand for

Froese Law strives to excel not only for its clients but also with respect to its place in the corporate world.  Froese Law is a paper-less office.  Its business cards are made from recycled clothing fabric to minimize its impact on the environment.  

We applaud diversity, mentorship, volunteerism, professional integrity and individuality, which are values that are woven into the fabric of our firm culture.

Froese Law is a law firm that empowers its professionals to dictate the direction of their career, fuel their interests, hone their skills and tap into their passion.  Together, we are shaping the future of how law is practiced.

We are thrilled that Froese Law has been recognized by the legal industry as a Change Agent in Law, as recognized by Lexpert.

Froese Law is a certified women owned business.

* Froese Law provides its Canadian law services by a professional corporation.  

* Froese Law provides its U.S. legal services in affiliation with a U.S. based law firm.