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The Canada Council for the Arts 2021-2022 Annual Report

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

One year into The Canada Council for the Arts’ 2021 to 2026 strategic plan, the Council issued its first annual report.

What is the Canada Council for the Arts?

The Canada Council for the Arts is the federal public arts funder. It provides grants to Canadian artists, authors, arts groups and organizations. Their 2021-2026 strategic plan was written during the Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly impacted the arts community. There was also a recognition that consumption of the arts (albeit digital) was a constant during the lockdown. Understanding this, the Council aimed to support the arts sector in a way to make it inclusive, accessible, equitable and sustainable. A core tenet is to ensure that the arts sector can take better care of its workers and compensate them adequately.

What is the Canada Council for the Arts 2021 to 2026 Strategic Plan?

On April 15, 2021, the Council launched its 2021 to 2026 Strategic Plan. In it, the Council made several pledges, such as:

  1. ensure that by 2026, people across Canada will have access to the arts;

  2. artists and cultural workers from underserved and marginalized groups will have a more prominent presence;

  3. emerging voices will be highlighted;

  4. artists, collectives and art organizations will play heightened roles;

  5. the Council will encourage the development of innovative business models and support ongoing digital transformation;

  6. respect and protection of intellectual property would be promoted;

  7. financial security for artists and cultural workers would be improved;

  8. facilitate collaborations between the art sector and other Canadian sectors;

  9. strengthen the presence of Canadian art internationally.

How Did the Council Fare: Unpacking its Annual Report

On November 7, the Council issued its annual report. Below is a summary of its key accomplishments:

  • 2,341 arts organizations received $282 million of funding. Of note, 369 were first time recipients;

  • 810 groups received $45.5 million in funding, of which 466 were first time recipients;

  • 2084 communities received grants, prizes and payments across Canada;

  • 4,804 artists received $130 million in funding, of which 2197 were first time recipients;

  • 18,139 creators received public lending right payments in the amount of $15 million;

  • the Council delivered $145.5 million in emergency funding due to the pandemic, above and beyond its regular funding

The Council reiterated over the next 4 years, it will continue to investment over $200 million that will rebuild a stronger, equitable, inclusive and sustainable artssector.

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