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Small Businesses & Digital Main Street

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

The global pandemic that began early this year has forced many businesses, big and small, to adapt to a new norm of a virtual working environment. On June 11, 2020 the Ontario government announced a $57 million investment into the province’s Digital Main Street platform. The goal is to assist over 20,000 small business to transition into a digital platform as we continue to fight through this pandemic.

What is Digital Main Street?

Digital Main Street was created in 2016 by the City of Toronto and the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas. The initiative provides consulting and support to main street business by using online learning and training programs that attempt to assist small businesses succeed as everything slowly becomes virtual. The use of new technology is used to help businesses transition their working environment.

Support for Small Businesses

The $57 million investment will be distributed under three new Digital Main Street platforms:

  1. ShopHERE powered by Google

  2. Digital Main Street Grant

  3. Future-Proofing Main Street

How will this help my business?

This initiative will be beneficial especially for businesses and entrepreneurs that wish to expand their online reach. It may be difficult to transition your business to an e-commerce platform especially if you have little experience in operating a business digitally. The Digital Main Street platform will help small businesses and entrepreneurs with applicable tools needed to succeed in the digital e-commerce market.

Froese Law is your ally for success. Check out our previous blog post Launching your (Legally Compliant) E-Commerce Platform for more information on transitioning your business digitally.

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