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Kawhi Leonard takes on Nike

16th June 2019

As a Toronto-based law firm and rampant supporter of the Toronto Raptors basketball team, we have to dedicate this week’s newsletter to our MVP, Kawhi Leonard (especially in view of the latest win as NBA champs).  In the midst of the finals against the Golden State Warriors, Leonard launched a lawsuit against Nike in California…

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New Shareholder Registers for Federally Incorporated Private Canadian Companies

2nd June 2019

By Millie Bojic New Registers Required Changes are coming for federally incorporated private companies per amendments to the Canada Business Corporations Act (the “CBCA”). As of June 13, 2019, such private companies will require maintenance of a new register for any individuals that possess ‘Significant Control’ over the business (the “New Register”). Each such individual…

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Landmark Decision Extends Personal Liability for CASL Violations to Executive

7th May 2019

This is a landmark decision and concerning, espeically if you’re a CEO or marketing executive.  If you’re a Froese Law client or friend of Froese Law, you know we do a lot of public speaking engagements.  When we discuss the laws surrounding digital marketing campaigns, we oftentimes describe Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (“CASL”) as an…

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Structuring your Manufacturing Agreements

7th May 2019

Manufacturers and consumer products companies constitute an ecosystem.  As such, their relationships are key.  In this week’s newsletter, we give some legal tips to consider when structuring your manufacturing agreement.  As always, every commercial agreement is customizable to the business relationship, but these are important points of consideration.  Bottom line: there are 2 take aways…

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Launcing a Legally Compliant Contest

21st April 2019

  Contests are a great way of advertising your business and, with the rise of social media, it has never been easier to reach such a big audience. Contests are a great way to garner attention and divert potential customers to your brand. Not only can this led to an increase in sales, it may…

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Comparative Advertising Laws in Canada

15th April 2019

Comparative advertising is a creative advertising technique that involves simultaneously advertising your own brand, whilst also comparing it to another brand. This allows consumers to see your brand’s superiority and its differences with other brands in the market. This may be a good tactic to divert consumers towards your brand away from the dominant player.…

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Corporate Structuring for Start Ups: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships and Corporations

31st March 2019

By Millie Bojic Are you looking to start a business in Canada, and are scratching your head as to what the best structure for your business would be? Below lies a bullet-point summary of the principal structures under which to conduct business in Canada – whether as a sole proprietorship, a partnership or corporation –…

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Red Carpets, Celebrities and Fashion

24th March 2019

As award season closes, a personal highlight is the red carpet “who are you wearing?” segment.  We always delight when celebrities wear Canadian designed gowns, giving the Canadian designer the world’s spotlight.  But, as always, when pop culture and branding intersect, Froese Law can’t help but analyze the legal aspects.   The Celebrity – Designer…

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Building Your Fitness Empire

20th February 2019

As much as Q1 is tax season, it’s also the time when we all try to jump back into fitness.  Finding the right fit that will get results and keep you motivated are key.  (We promise you – we’ll get to the legal analysis soon.)  But there are so many choices:  the gym, personal trainers,…

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Fyre Festival: The Legalities Surrounding Live Events

12th February 2019

Fyre Festival: The Legalities Surrounding Live Events Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve likely heard of (or watched one of the two documentaries about) the debacle that is Fyre Festival.  Ever eager to understand the legal underpinnings, Froese Law is using this opportunity to illustrate some of the legal issues that surround hosting live…

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