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Froese Law Granted Award as Change Makers in Law

Each week we issue a newsletter that provides an update or advice on the law.  But this week, we’re (not so shamelessly) dedicating this newsletter to….US! We’re thrilled and so incredibly flattered and honoured to advise that earlier in June, Froese Law was granted an award by legal publishing powerhouses Lexpert and Thomson Reuters as…

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Branding Your Menu

Are you a restaurant, convenience or take-out store with 20 or more locations in Ontario? If you have less than 20 locations, are you eagerly hoping to expand your food service business in Ontario? Do you sell food or drinks for your customers to devour immediately or once they arrive in the comfort of their…

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Welcome to Froese Law

Froese Law is a boutique law firm that is dedicated to protecting, enforcing and commercializing your branded products, services and talent. Froese Law understands the important value of your creative ingenuity, working with you to build a robust brand monopoly in the marketplace.  We secure your intellectual property protection, protect your competitive advantage, structure your…

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