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Corporate Social Responsibility

Understanding B Corps: The Canadian Perspective

A few months ago, Froese Law issued out a newsletter that discussed the purchasing behaviour of Gen Z.  The stats were loud and clear: corporate social responsibility is a driving force for consumer behaviour and is likely to become more pronouced as the younger generations age.  Whereas traditionally, corporate social responsibility edicts were declared on…

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Attracting Gen Z Consumers

As new generations of consumers come into the marketplace, successful brands are well advised to consider how their purchasing behaviours may vary. After all, you and your parents value things differently. It’s not surprise that your offspring varies from you too. By 2020, individuals born between 1995-2010 will make up the most significant number of…

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Froese Law Granted Award as Change Makers in Law

Each week we issue a newsletter that provides an update or advice on the law.  But this week, we’re (not so shamelessly) dedicating this newsletter to….US! We’re thrilled and so incredibly flattered and honoured to advise that earlier in June, Froese Law was granted an award by legal publishing powerhouses Lexpert and Thomson Reuters as…

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Canada Looks to Bolster Protection of Traditional Knowledge

Every artist has their muse, and sometimes that muse is a foreign culture. But what happens when that inspiration is considered cultural theft? Growing concerns around cultural appropriation have many artists asking: “where is the line between inspiration and theft?” For some cultural groups, the issue is not being acknowledged or properly compensated for use…

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Hey, Oscar! What’s an Inclusion Rider

A little over a week ago, Frances McDormand gave a rousing acceptance speech for her Oscar win for the Best Actress category.  It warmed our lawyer hearts when we heard her proclaim: “I have two words to leave with you tonight: Inclusion rider”. Ever keen to educate our readers on the law in relatable terms,…

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