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The Intertwine of Consumer and Corporate Social Responsibility during Covid 19

29th March 2020

In today’s Covid 19 environment, there is an interesting emerging shift that is bringing a heightened sense of consumer awareness. Consumers are carefully watching how companies are pivoting during this time. Some businesses are applauded and some are (rightfully) denigrated. When this time of social distancing passes (and it will), consumers will remember how your…

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Covid 19: Navigating your Way Through Canada’s $107 Billion Federal Government Stimulus Package

29th March 2020

The Canadian Federal government has been malleable in its approach to addressing the economic impact of Covid 19, which has meant that there has been a rapid succession of changes to the government funding.  The good news it that the government continues to bolster its package.  But it can be challenging to constantly keep up…

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No Force Majeure in your Contract? You may have options

23rd March 2020

By Ashlee Froese | 23rd March 2020 A few weeks ago, we discussed the relevance of force majeure clauses in contracts during the Covid 19 crisis. (A force majeure clause can allow for non-performance on contractual obligations to be excused without penalty.) You can read the article here. But what if you don’t have a…

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Insurance Policy Protection and Covid 19

22nd March 2020

With a number of provinces declaring a provincial state of emergency and, as of March 22, 2020, the Federal government examining the Emergencies Act (but not yet enacting it), it is clear that we are in exceptional times.  Businesses opt into insurance policies to guard against the impact of exceptional times.  We always hope that…

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Canada’s Government and Banks Acts to Support its Economy during Coronavirus

18th March 2020

Last week the Canadian Federal Government issued its first significant investment into fighting the effects of Coronavirus. It totalled $1 billion, which targeted investments into our health care system. Read our summary here. Last week, Trudeau insinuated that this would be the first installment and that we should stay tuned for their additional financial package…

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Canada’s Response to Coronavirus

12th March 2020

With the World Health Organization’s proclamation that the Coronavirus is a global pandemic, there is the realization that the Coronavirus is a significant (!) global issue that is having impact beyond the immediate health concerns.  There is concern that there could be a serious economic impact.  To that end, the Canadian government issued its policy…

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Coronavirus: Triggering the World’s Force Majeure

9th March 2020

We are now starting to understand the global impact of Coronavirus and that it goes well beyond health issues. Its impact is reverberating throughout the global economy. Factories, cities and, literally, countries have been shut down. With the vast number of consumer goods companies relying on Chinese manufactured goods, the global supply chain is rife…

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Planning for the Future: Adopting Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

23rd February 2020

Every successful corporate entity should always be planning for the future: annual growth, product extension, international expansion, succession planning, and so on.  However, there has been a rising trend that corporations should also take into account the societal and environmental impact.  Corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) has become more commonplace.  Whether companies truly believe in positioning…

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Understanding the Difference between an Independent Contractor and an Employee

11th February 2020

The law treats independent contractors and employees very differently.  Employees enjoy greater legal protections in the workplace than independent contractors.  As such, employers have greater legal duties to employees, which also extends into greater tax implications.  Regardless of whether your company defines its worker as an employee or an independent contractor, it is possible that…

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A Royal Round of Negotiations: A Legal Look at Prince Harry and Meghan’s Shift from the Royal Family

12th January 2020

With the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will step back from royal life, Torontonians and Suits fans are waiting with bated breath to see if Princess Meghan will return to Toronto with her prince charming in tow.  Having tested the royal life as a married couple, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued…

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