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Archive for December 2019

Ringing in the New California Consumer Privacy Act

As we look back on the passing of another decade, and the vast technological advancements that were made during this short period of time, it’s no surprise that the laws have also been slowly evolving to respond to our new reality.  In this technological age, data has become the biggest commodity. Governments are creating laws…

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What is Your Professional New Year’s Resolution?

2020 is here and it’s pretty exciting! But this isn’t just any end of the year.  We’re entering a new decade!  Some view 2020 as pivotal and are starting to plan ahead for what 2020 will be.  In your “do better, be better” new year’s resolution planning, don’t forget to also consider your professional self. …

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Factoring in Copyright Protection for your E-Commerce Business

Unless you’re under a rock, your email inbox is now being inundated with online sales advertisements.  For every e-commerce business, your website is your intellectual property and contains your most valuable asset for marketing, sales and brand power.  It includes your company’s domain name, graphics, logo, images and written content.  Frankly, the better the website…

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