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Archive for October 2019

Netflix Putting Out Fires over Fyre Festival Documentary

In 2019, Netflix found itself at the centre of pop culture with its release of the popular documentary about the Fyre Festival debacle.  If you’ve been living under a rock and need a quick primer, here’s Frye Festival in a nutshell: New York based serial entrepreneur Billy McFarland and hip hop artist Ja Rule joined…

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Understanding B Corps: The Canadian Perspective

A few months ago, Froese Law issued out a newsletter that discussed the purchasing behaviour of Gen Z.  The stats were loud and clear: corporate social responsibility is a driving force for consumer behaviour and is likely to become more pronouced as the younger generations age.  Whereas traditionally, corporate social responsibility edicts were declared on…

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Entrepreneurship 101: Sole Proprietorships

Oftentimes when we meet with start up clients, they’re uncertain as to whether they want to take the plunge to incorporate their business.  For better or worse, some entrepreneurs choose to start slow and proceed with their business concept as a sole proprietor.  Here’s the love down on sole prioprietorships: What is a Sole Proprietorship?…

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Polishing Up On Cosmetics Law

First, we apologize for the title.  We just can’t help ourselves with the puns.  Dad humour runs deep in our veins.  Now. on to the serious stuff: cosmetics law.  Overview of Governing Framework Health Canada governs cosmetics, personal care products and drugs.  Cosmetics are defined as “any substance used to clean, improve or change the…

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