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Archive for July 2019

Attracting Gen Z Consumers

As new generations of consumers come into the marketplace, successful brands are well advised to consider how their purchasing behaviours may vary. After all, you and your parents value things differently. It’s not surprise that your offspring varies from you too. By 2020, individuals born between 1995-2010 will make up the most significant number of…

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Trademarks: An Invaluable Asset for any Consumer Facing Company

If you’re running a heavily branded, consumer facing company (regardless of whether you’re providing a service or product), the company’s brand is an invaluable corporate asset. In addition, if you are a talent who is raising your own profile, you yourself may be a brand as well. Trademarks law is the ultimate legal tool to…

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Understanding the Right of Personality: Brooke Shields Raises Eyebrow at Charlotte Tilbury

An interesting case in the US was recently launched by actress Brooke Shields (“Shields”) against makeup conglomerate Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Inc. (“Charlotte Tilbury”), which highlights the importance of brand expansion planning for celebrities and their namesake brand.  Understanding the Case In May 2019, Shields issued a complaint in the Superior Court of California against Charlotte…

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