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Froese Law Granted Award as Change Makers in Law

Each week we issue a newsletter that provides an update or advice on the law.  But this week, we’re (not so shamelessly) dedicating this newsletter to….US!

We’re thrilled and so incredibly flattered and honoured to advise that earlier in June, Froese Law was granted an award by legal publishing powerhouses Lexpert and Thomson Reuters as change makers in law.  This award is a legal peer industry review with an independent selection committee comprised of lawyers.  Only 39 lawyers across Canada were granted this award and we’re so thrilled that we were amongst this crowd.  It is also incredibly encouraging, given that Froese Law is less than 2 years old. 

Froese Law was very purposefully created with the idea of tearing down the ivory tower construct of traditional law.  We strive to provide legal services in a business savvy manner for our clients.  In the past two years, we have added two additional lawyers and expanded our legal service offerings to include intellectual property, branding, corporate, commercial and tax law.  We secure your intellectual property assets, protect your competitive advantage, structure your business, strategize your corporate tax planning, manage your third party relationships, finesse your branding and negotiate your commercial agreements to ensure that your business is ready for success. 

Froese Law strives to excel not only for its clients but also with respect to its place in the corporate world.  Froese Law is a paper-less office.  Its business cards are made from recycled clothing fabric to minimize its impact on the environment.  We are also a certified women owned law firm.  We applaud mentorship, volunteerism, professional integrity and individuality, which are values that are woven into the fabric of our firm culture. 

Froese Law is a law firm that empowers our clients and lawyers to dictate the direction of their business and career, fuel their interests, hone their skills and tap into their passion.  Together, we are shaping the future of how law is practiced.