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Froese Law assists clients in a wide variety of industries.

Fashion and apparel

Designing a robust intellectual property portfolio is key to protecting against counterfeiting, infringement and fashion design piracy.  Strategic commercial agreements and a well-structured business lay the foundation for success.

Consumer Products and Technology

In saturated markets, ensure that throughout the various stages of product inception, creation, manufacture, distribution and commercialization, your business and technology are protected.

Fitness products and services

Carefully sculpting your fitness brand creates the springboard to effectively build a comprehensive merchandising strategy that will take your brand out of the fitness studio and into the mass market.

Beauty and cosmetics

Creative packaging, robust product claims, savvy social media campaigns and shrewd marketing messages are foundational to a strong brand in a saturated market.

Hospitality and luxury

Ensure that every possible interaction that a consumer has with your brand and its facilities is a unique and distinctive point of interaction. Architect a branded monopoly that enables your brand to excel. Protect your company through strategic commercial agreements

Talent and creative assets

Your creativity is your greatest asset.  Empower yourself to effectively protect and commercialize your creative ingenuity through intellectual property, corporate, tax and commercial laws.  Become the business that your creativity deserves.

Food and beverage

Compliant labelling, distinctive packaging, persuasive product claims and robust brand portfolios are all necessary ingredients to heighten your brand’s position in the marketplace.

Retail and e-commerce

Ensure that your business and its brand is advantageously positioned to infiltrate the marketplace effectively and cohesively. Ensure that your website policies are compliant.

Natural health products and cannabis

Strategic brand positioning and messaging are critical to ensure that your business navigates these regulated industries effectively.