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Polishing Up On Cosmetics Law

First, we apologize for the title.  We just can’t help ourselves with the puns.  Dad humour runs deep in our veins.  Now. on to the serious stuff: cosmetics law.  Overview of Governing Framework Health Canada governs cosmetics, personal care products and drugs.  Cosmetics are defined as “any substance used to clean, improve or change the…

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Canada’s Cannabis Industry: One Year Later

Almost one year ago, Canada officially legalized recreational cannabis federally.  With sunrise provisions contained in the Cannabis Act that have yet to come into effect, there are still some unknowns and moving targets.  Our philosophy is that knowledge is power.  This article provides a comprehensive overview of Canada’s cannabis industry: where we’re at and where…

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How to Score High in Branding your Cannabis Company

The official launch of the cannabis industry in Canada has created huge potential.  However, it is important to note that the industry is not without its controversies and is a highly regulated industry.  In fact, the government has acknowledged that the industry will be treated as a hybrid between the tobacco and alcohol industries. .…

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Is your Brand Patriotic?

When dealing with consumer facing, heavily branded products, services and celebrity lines, it is important to stand out in the marketplace.  Ensuring that your company’s brand resonates with real and potential consumers is critical.  Being strategic in determining all of the different factors that evoke an emotional response by the consumer is tantamount. In today’s…

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