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Incorporating Domain Name Disputes As Part of Your Online Brand Enforcement Strategy

17th June 2018

Selecting the right domain name for your company’s online profile is a critical component of your company’s brand strategy.  Of course, you want to select the “.com” version of your company’s brand name, as well as your company’s product/service names.  You may also want to secure the country code TLD version, such as “.ca”, “.us”,…

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Protecting your Rights to your Namesake Brand

10th June 2018

Namesake brands are common place.  Designers launch their fashion brand using their name.  Celebrities merchandise themselves out using their own name.  Chefs license their name to create a myriad of food-related products.  Fitness instructors create fitness plans under their own name.  It’s a branding trend that is unlikely to go away.  However, careful consideration must…

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Supreme Court of Canada Examines Freedom of Press and Terrorism

27th May 2018

Canada’s highest court, the Supreme Court of Canada, is currently dealing with a prominent case that balances freedom of press and national security interests, as it relates to terrorism threats. The Background Vice Media journalist Ben Makuch covers national security issues.  Makuch had followed the rise of the Islamic State following its inception post-911.  Eventually,…

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Canada Announces Intellectual Property Strategy

5th May 2018

Spearheaded by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister, the Canadian government recently announced its plan to put intellectual property at the forefront of Canadian businesses by issuing an intellectual property strategy.  This is the first of its kind in Canada.  The Federal government recognizes that intellectual property intensive businesses enjoy increased profitability, as well…

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Data and Privacy Policies: Is Your Business Compliant?

28th April 2018

Recently, Facebook landed itself in hot water with respect to its use of personal data, which resulted in a barrage of emails from service providers and/or social media platforms advising you to review and agree to their updated terms and policies.  This comes as no surprise given the recent Facebook data breach scandal that has…

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Canada Considers Amending Privacy Laws to Better Manage Online Reputation

21st April 2018

Froese Law’s philosophy is that every individual and every company has a brand. In some instances, elevating an individual’s brand (such as the CEO, influencer, fitness guru, chef, magazine editor, etc.) indirectly flows through to elevating the company’s brand, and vice versa. Such branding interplay creates merchandising opportunities, licensing revenues and increased exposure. At the…

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Get Your E-Commerce Platform Ready for the US Market

15th April 2018

By Shirin Movahed Let’s get real for a second.  If you are a Canadian business, then your potential growth is limited, given Canada’s population is approximately 36 million.  With an eCommerce business, expansion is as easy as a click of button (or a few program codes) to open access of your website to the U.S.…

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Instagram Assists with Weeding Out Fake Influencers

8th April 2018

Love them or hate them, influencers have become an integral part of many brands’ marketing campaign.  The benefit of influencer marketing campaigns is that the influencer’s endorsement targets a specific on-brand demographic.  Moreover, influencer endorsements can have the appearance of being more authentic: every day people using every day products in their every day lives. …

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Is your Brand Patriotic?

2nd April 2018

When dealing with consumer facing, heavily branded products, services and celebrity lines, it is important to stand out in the marketplace.  Ensuring that your company’s brand resonates with real and potential consumers is critical.  Being strategic in determining all of the different factors that evoke an emotional response by the consumer is tantamount. In today’s…

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Is Street Art and Graffiti Copyright Protected?

17th March 2018

H & M landed itself in hot water last week from a legal and public relations standpoint. Interestingly, it shone a spotlight on how graffiti and street art should or could be protected. In fact, Founder of Froese Law, Ashlee Froese jumped on to Toronto’s CityNews to weigh in on the issues. Click here for…

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