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Entrepreneurship 101: Sole Proprietorships

6th October 2019

Oftentimes when we meet with start up clients, they’re uncertain as to whether they want to take the plunge to incorporate their business.  For better or worse, some entrepreneurs choose to start slow and proceed with their business concept as a sole proprietor.  Here’s the love down on sole prioprietorships: What is a Sole Proprietorship?…

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Polishing Up On Cosmetics Law

1st October 2019

First, we apologize for the title.  We just can’t help ourselves with the puns.  Dad humour runs deep in our veins.  Now. on to the serious stuff: cosmetics law.  Overview of Governing Framework Health Canada governs cosmetics, personal care products and drugs.  Cosmetics are defined as “any substance used to clean, improve or change the…

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Canada’s Cannabis Industry: One Year Later

23rd September 2019

Almost one year ago, Canada officially legalized recreational cannabis federally.  With sunrise provisions contained in the Cannabis Act that have yet to come into effect, there are still some unknowns and moving targets.  Our philosophy is that knowledge is power.  This article provides a comprehensive overview of Canada’s cannabis industry: where we’re at and where…

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Attracting Gen Z Consumers

27th July 2019

As new generations of consumers come into the marketplace, successful brands are well advised to consider how their purchasing behaviours may vary. After all, you and your parents value things differently. It’s not surprise that your offspring varies from you too. By 2020, individuals born between 1995-2010 will make up the most significant number of…

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Trademarks: An Invaluable Asset for any Consumer Facing Company

23rd July 2019

If you’re running a heavily branded, consumer facing company (regardless of whether you’re providing a service or product), the company’s brand is an invaluable corporate asset. In addition, if you are a talent who is raising your own profile, you yourself may be a brand as well. Trademarks law is the ultimate legal tool to…

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When Your Side Hustle Becomes Your Main Hustle: Legal Considerations for your Start Up

14th July 2019

Oftentimes September feels like the new year in the business world and the summer months give you much needed time to brainstorm and plot for your September hustle.  So if you’re sitting on the dock of the bay somewhere thinking about how you can’t go back to your regular job and reflecting about how your…

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Understanding the Right of Personality: Brooke Shields Raises Eyebrow at Charlotte Tilbury

7th July 2019

An interesting case in the US was recently launched by actress Brooke Shields (“Shields”) against makeup conglomerate Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Inc. (“Charlotte Tilbury”), which highlights the importance of brand expansion planning for celebrities and their namesake brand.  Understanding the Case In May 2019, Shields issued a complaint in the Superior Court of California against Charlotte…

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Building Your Influencer Empire

30th June 2019

These days, everyone is doing it for the ‘gram.  But those who are doing it well are also doing it for coin.  Influencer marketing is a pervasive and persuasive type of marketing.  By collaborating with influencers, brands are able to directly promote to their target demographic.  By collaborating with brands, influencers are able to monetize…

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Froese Law Granted Award as Change Makers in Law

26th June 2019

Each week we issue a newsletter that provides an update or advice on the law.  But this week, we’re (not so shamelessly) dedicating this newsletter to….US! We’re thrilled and so incredibly flattered and honoured to advise that earlier in June, Froese Law was granted an award by legal publishing powerhouses Lexpert and Thomson Reuters as…

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Kawhi Leonard takes on Nike

16th June 2019

As a Toronto-based law firm and rampant supporter of the Toronto Raptors basketball team, we have to dedicate this week’s newsletter to our MVP, Kawhi Leonard (especially in view of the latest win as NBA champs).  In the midst of the finals against the Golden State Warriors, Leonard launched a lawsuit against Nike in California…

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