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Corporate Tax Planning for 2019

By Millie Bojic

With 2019 upon us, it is prudent for you to take the time and assess your business’ tax affairs and ensure you are in tip top shape for tax season approaching. Check out our service offerings in the tax law space below to determine whether we can assist you.

Your ProfileFroese Law Services:
You are a Canadian looking to sell your business or buy another Canadian business               Determining the income tax considerations concerning the share purchase agreement or asset purchase agreement you are entering into.
You are a Canadian tax resident looking to start a small to mid sized business in Canada, either on your own or with other individuals Determining the appropriate structure to form from a corporate and tax perspective; whether a corporation, sole proprietorship or partnership Understanding what it means to be a Canadian business and what tax consequences you need to navigate or take advantage of i.e.: the meaning of being a Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation (“CCPC”) status accompanying small business deduction (“SBC”) you can enjoy changes to the passive investment income regime and the refundable dividend tax on hand (“RDTOH”) in 2019 eligibility for the lifetime capital gains exemption (“LCGE”) on the disposition of your shares
You are a Canadian tax non-resident looking to start or invest in a small-mid sized business in Canada Determining the tax risks of doing business in Canada as a non-resident corporation incorporating a related corporate entity in Canada, including: transfer pricing issues affecting multi-nationals for transactions between cross-border related companies dividend repatriation or accruing interest on loans and associated withholding tax risk on passive income from non-resident companies to related Canadian companies Determining the tax risks of doing business in Canada as a non-resident corporation sending foreign personnel to Canada or establishing an office in Canada, including: permanent establishment tax treaty risk in having non-residents carrying on business through a branch or sales agent in Canada tax treaty risk by having non-resident employees/independent contractors doing business in Canada Determining the tax risks of foreign-developed assets you plan to assign to a Canadian individual or corporation Providing tax treaty analysis to determine what advantages you may enjoy on cross-border payments, repatriation of dividends, or interest on loans
You are a Canadian executive looking to understand your compensation options in a Canadian business Optimizing your executive compensation tax structure Exploring stock option plans and salary deferral arrangements
You are a Canadian tax resident looking to invest in property offshore Providing high-level analysis of the tax risks you incur by generating passive income offshore
You are a Canadian employer in a service-based industry and have questions on the tax the status of your workers Providing tax analysis for whether workers are independent contractors versus employees per the Income Tax Act (Canada)
You are a prospective cannabis license holder Determining your tax risks and regulatory fee risks when applying to Health Canada for a license, and ongoing fees in maintaining said license, in response to the federal Cannabis Act and Cannabis Fees Order.
You are a manufacturer or retailer of certain products and selling to customers in different provinces across Canada; or a consultant providing services to different provinces across Canada Navigating the provincial consumption tax regime and determining the appropriate excise tax rate to apply on the sale of your products or services