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Archive for November 2017

Canada Expands Scope of Protection under Geographical Indications

Chances are that you’ve interacted with Geographical Indications without your knowledge. You get a promotion at work (yay!), and you decide to buy a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Your celebratory splurge to buy authentic Champagne guarantees that the bubbles you’re consuming come from the Champagne region and have been produced according to a strict…

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Ontario Looks to Change Laws on Corporate Uniforms

If your business operates in the retail, travel, event production and/or hospitality industries, or in any other industry that requires employees to wear a uniform, be sure to make note of proposed Ontario legislation that seeks to limit what your company can mandate what its employees must wear as part of their work attire. What…

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Twitter Suspends its Verification System

In today’s hyper connected consumer society, a strong social media presence is a critical component for any successful brand.  Personal brands, as well as corporate brands, have flourished over social media.  Indeed, through social media we have seen a rise of a new marketing machine: influencers.  In the social media world, brand association, product placement…

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Branding Your Menu

Are you a restaurant, convenience or take-out store with 20 or more locations in Ontario? If you have less than 20 locations, are you eagerly hoping to expand your food service business in Ontario? Do you sell food or drinks for your customers to devour immediately or once they arrive in the comfort of their…

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